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batch resize images in OSX the easy way

See how you can easily batch resize a bunch of images using the Terminal or Preview App without expensive third party or photo editing software for these tasks on Mac OSX.

Terminal Method:

Fire up your Terminal and cd into the desired image directory.
Then simply type sips -Z 1024 *.jpg and you're done.

So what is happening here?

  • sips is the command and -Z keeps the image's aspect ratio.
  • "1024" is the maximum width and height.
  • "*.jpg" converts every image ending in .jpg.

Caution: Make a copy first if you want to preserve images with their larger size!

Preview App Method:

See how to use Previews’ powerful image resize feature it in a few simple steps:

  • open Finder, select a group of images and open them all with the Preview App.
  • once they are opened in Preview: Select All, either by hitting +A (Command+A) or by clicking the Edit menu and select that option
  • go to Tools -> Adjust Size
  • enter a value for the new width and height, then hit OK
  • go to File and click Save All or to save a NEW resized version, choose Export Selected Images or just Save As

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